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Hello, Military Vet New to SD Looking for Team(s)

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CP or lil pils

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Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2022

Hello all, I'm going to just copy and paste what I used for the Men's Slow Pitch.

Should Have Looked at Posts. My bad on 2nd post: Hello Fellow Softballers. I’ve been chatting with Jeff since the end of 2021 and keeping him updated on progress. I created a log-in on the web site, but unable to create a bio or sign-up for the Free Agent List. The site peeps said they’re working on it.

So, I'll give you some of that information here as the season is coming fast in hopes to hook-up with a Team(s). Mar 12 my son/ I will be at the fields getting work-in. I’d be interested if anyone gets together to throw, field, etc. I’d be more than happy to get some extra work in.

** Known For: Arm strength/ speed and Run speed/ coverage area

** Interested in playing 2-3 times (Men’s/ Co-Ed) a week and Tourneys.

** Moved to SD from Green Bay, WI Apr 21 for son's Junior yr of Baseball, then Football/ Basketball/ Baseball n Track his senior yr. Then off to SDSU in Aug 22.

** Played Positions:
- High School Baseball - SS/ P/ CF
- College “UW-Stout” - CF “throughout”
- Modified Fast Pitch & Slow Pitch Played - SS/ CF (10th player we called The Rover played on the 2nd base side when at SS)

** Played Leagues/ Tourneys:
- Modified Fast Pitch - Class A & B
- Slow Pitch - Class A “tourneys” / B- “leagues/tourneys”- “Slow Pitch throughout High School into the summer, after college, then in the U.S. Army at Ft. Hood, TX, Ft. Bragg, NC and Stuttgart, GE and up to 2016.

** 2017-2021 I suddenly was injury prone. "Stupid SPARTAN RACES" 2-knuckle tendon reconstructions, ankle surgery, internal surgery, left shoulder and the recent Mar 2021 right shoulder surgery "labrum/ rotator cuff n bicep tendon move to humerus bone"

** 2021-present have been working hard on getting my shoulder back to 100%. Although, I’ve never had shoulder issues throwing a Baseball/ Softball/ Football or Javelin previously.

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Forum Home »  General »  Hello, Military Vet New to SD Looking for Team(s)
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