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2020 Fall Ball Schedule

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2020 Fall Ball Schedule.pdf (21.11 K)

I have updated the schedule to reflect a change that has been made for the end of the season. I added a 5th week of games and decided that there will not be a end of season tourney. The champion will be decided by best record over the 5 weeks of play.
A couple reasons for the change. 
1) Each team will get an even amount of games. With doing a single elimination tourney, some teams will get one game while others can get 3 or 4.
2) A 15 team tourney would likely need to be split up over two weeks. Right now, I'm likely not available the last week of September.

I apologize for the change in format in the middle of the season. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Posted by John Knodel, Created Wed Aug 19, 2020, Updated Sun Jul 18, 2021

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